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Masterton, the major town in the Wairarapa, can have temperatures at either end of the spectrum. Masterton weather can produce warm, dry summers with temperatures pushing 30 degrees, to frequent frosts in the winter time. The low flat Wairarapa valley, sheltered on both sides, means winds are usually quite low.

The best place to find Masterton Weather would of course be the MetService. Loved by New Zealanders for years, the MetService website has up-to-date weather for Masterton. Whether you need to know todays weather or a full 10 day forecast for weather in Masterton, you will find all this and more.

Masterton Weather Forecast

As well as the standard weather reports, you can also look up the local wind and tide charts. You'll find extensive information on the current rainfall, humidity, and probably more data that you might need to know. The MetService site even has a recommendation for how many layers of clothing you should be wearing!

Check the Masterton Weather Report online at:

If its going to be raining and you have some little ones then check out our What to do in Masterton page. Some ideas include the Masterton Cinemas, and the Wool Shed Museum with its interactive displays. For 'adults' perhaps a visit down to Martinborough for the day. Find a nice resstaurant on the main street and have a long lunch. You'll be able to keep warm with a few glasses of wine :)

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